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James Blake - James Blake [2LP]
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James Blake

James Blake

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Tep & The Logic
A2. Unluck
A3. The Wilhelm Scream
B1. I Never Learnt To Share
B2. Lindisfarne I
B3. Lindisfarne II
C1. Limit To Your Love
C2. Give Me My Month
C3. To Care (Like You)
D1. Why Don't You Call Me?
D2. I Mind
D3. Measurements
D4. You Know Your Youth
Opis produktu

James Blake's debut album is undoubtedly one of 2011's most keenly awaited releases, and its arrival via his own (major label funded) Atlas imprint ensures their is no lull in momentum for a producer who enjoyed a watershed 2010 with releases on Hessle Audio and R&S. The results here differ wildly from his previous sonic excursions - gone are the shimmering R&B soaked melodies of "CMYK" and the sheer experimentalism of the Klavierwerke EP, which saw the young Londoner depart from the confines of the dancefloor and enter a realm where there was only a passing reference to rhythm-based music. Instead we are treated to Blake's own yearning, raw voice, delicate pianos and an underlying sense of melancholy. Ubiquitous single "Limit To Your love" and the crackly sonic terrain evoked on "The Wilhelm Scream" are among the most immediately pleasing moments, but there is much to explore here. It's a fascinating opus and surely the catalyst to a long and fruitful career at the top.

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