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Love Is Overtaking Me
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Close My Eyes
A2. Goodbye Old Paint
A3. Maybe She
A4. Oh Fernanda Why
A5. Time Away
A6. Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart
B1. I Couldn't Say It To Your Face
B2. This Time Dad You're Wrong
B3. What It's Like
B4. Eli
B5. Hey! How Does Everybody Know
C1. I Forget & I Can't Tell (Ballad Of The Lights Part 1)
C2. Habit Of You
C3. Janine
C4. Big Moon
C5. Your Motion Says
C6. The Letter
D1. Don't Forget About Me
D2. Love Is Overtaking Me
D3. Planted A Thought
D4. Love Comes Back

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Arthur Russell
LP | 99,00 PLN
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