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The Virgin Suicides - 15th Aniversary Box Set
pakiet / Nowy

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A1. Playground Love (With Gordon Tracks)
A2. Clouds Up
A3. Bathroom Girl
A4. Cemetary Party
A5. Dark Messages
A6. The Word Hurricane
A7. Dirty Trip
B1. Highschool Lover
B2. Afternoon Sister
B3. Ghost Song
B4. Empty House
B5. Dead Bodies
B6. Suicide Underground
B7. Bathroom Girl (Demo Version)
C1. Playground Love (Vibraphone Version)
C2. Playground Love (Kcrw La Radio Jan 2000)
C3. Dark Messages/the Word Hurricane (Kcrw La Radio Jan 2000)
C4. Highschool Lover (Kcrw La Radio Jan 2000)
C5. Clouds Up (Live La Jan 2000)
C6. Bathroom Girl (Live La Jan 2000)
D1. Dirty Trip (Live La Jan 2000)
D2. Empty House (Live La Jan 2000)
D3. Dead Bodies (Live La Jan 2000)
D4. Cemetary Party (Live La Jan 2000)
D5. Suicide Underground (Live La Jan 2000)
Opis produktu

Limited Edition Super Deluxe format includes:   

  • LP – original album on solid red 180g vinyl 
  • Picture disc LP (only available in the box) containing 10 unreleased live tracks 
  • Playground Love EP on solid red 180g vinyl 
  • 2CD - original album + bonus CD containing 10 unreleased live tracks 
  • 2 exclusive posters include an unpublished interview with the band from January 2015 
  • VIP Pass (Air post show party at the Hollywood American Legion, January 2000 laminate replica) 
  • Download card: (The Virgin Suicides (Original Motion Picture Score+ Bonus) + The Virgin Suicides (Live) + Playground Love EP)



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