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Jazxing/ Unitrax - Północ-Południe EP [12"]
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Jazxing/ Unitrax

Północ-Południe EP

12" / Nowy

A1. Jazxing - KS Gruv
A2. Jazxing - The Coast
B1. Unitrax - Oasis (Water Of Love)
B2. Unitrax - Another Feeling
Opis produktu

Transatlantyk delivers more deep dancefloor heat straight from the Polish house underground. This time Zambon has recruited two duets from the opposite corners of the country, hence the name of the sampler (Północ/Południe = North/South). The result is one of the most diverse and playful Transatlantyk releases yet. 

Jazxing are two youngsters from Gdansk, who cut their teeth playing drums, keys and bass in local reggae and new wave bands. Fusing their musicianship with an ear for classic American house production, they are delivering two fresh and charming tracks. “KS Gruv” is the road tested crowd favourite, never failing to move the dancefloor into the jacking direction. “The Coast” is a slower, more seductive and deeper affair. Its phased strings and swinging bassline form a perfect soundtrack for a late night or early morning at the Loft.

Unitrax come from Cracow. These two seasoned djs share mutual affirmation of all good things in life. They also share their love of dusty samples and analogue machinery. Here they showcase the sound of deep, mystic, meditative house with a hint of medicine overdose. “Oasis (Water Of Love)” is filled with druggy and sultry atmosphere (and some really nice synth action as well).  This beautiful jam will definitely keep your happiness level high in a different situations. “Another Feeling” sounds more sedative, like a post-coital cigarette in the early morning light.

Buy on sight, play it in your local opium den and you won’t be disappointed.


Ptaki: "Best release of 2016 so far".

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