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Ptaki - Odlot EP (incl. Eltron John & Das Komplex Remixes) [12"]
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Odlot EP (incl. Eltron John & Das Komplex Remixes)

12" / Nowy


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A1. Ostatni Kurs" (Das Komplex remix) (5:21)
A2. Taniec Na Wodzie
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Ptaki take another journey with Transatlantyk imprint to bring you the remixes of their well received debut album. Alongside unreleased dub from the “Przelot” sessions, you’ll find two great reworks here, both by contemporary heroes of the fast rising Polish house scene.

The real gem here is Eltron’s 10 minute version of “Sloneczny Pyl”, taking a whole A Side for a reason. It’s a straight up peaktime house banger destined for a summerjam status. Catchy female vocal loop from the ambient original is surrounded here by massive warm bassline running on a dubwise tip, layered tribal drums and percussions, and a few cisterns of raw, oily effects, guitar licks and pouring keyboard pads. And that enormous breakdown too... Eltron’s trademark “big room deep” vibe mixed with Ptaki’s slice of sampled psychedelia created a track that’s already a road-tested crowd favourite.

Das Komplex take on “Ostatni Kurs” is no different in being amazing, although it’s destined for a different time of the party. Cinematic atmosphere of the original is maintained and developed into jazzfunkin’ slice of slow house music. Ptaki’s melancholic samples are set together with island-like flavours of horn section, walking disco bassline and tons of sensimilla-infused effects. Another great track from the most talented Polish newcomer.

Last but not least is “Taniec Na Wodzie”. This dubby original brings you folky guitars, flutes, organs, synths and pianos working closely with hypnotic rhythm. Clocking at 63bpm, this one is for the afternoon at the beach.

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