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Memories By The Score
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Got To Get Away
A2. Left With A Broken Heart
A3. Memories By The Score
A4. My Number One
A5. Sometimes
A6. There Is No Love
A7. My Heart Is Gone
A8. Strange Things
B1. Stick By Me
B2. It's A Jam In The Street
B3. Still In Chains
B4. Riding For A Fall
B5. The Clock
B6. Hooligans Change Your Style
B7. Up Park Camp
C1. You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
C2. My Satisfaction
C3. (Let's) Get It While It Hot
C4. Everything's Coming Up Love (Aka In The Springtime)
C5. I Forgot To Say I Love You Till I'm Gone
C6. Fancy Make Up
D1. I'll Be Lonely
D2. Thief In The Night (Aka Stealing, Stealing)
D3. The Tide Is High
D4. Sweetie Come Brush Me
D5. Ghetto Queen
D6. Love I Can Feel
D7. If I Were A Carpenter
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