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Jay Strongman - pres. Popcorn Heartbreak 1958-1964 [2LP]
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Jay Strongman

pres. Popcorn Heartbreak 1958-1964

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Hillard Street - "River Love"
A2. Varetta Dillard - "That's Why I Cry"
A3. Damita Jo - "I'll Be There"
A4. Jesse James - "Dreams Never Hurt Nobody"
A5. Patsie Slater - "A Tear"
A6. Kitty White - "I'm Gonna Be A Fool Next Monday" (with Hugo Peretti & His Orchestra)
A7. The Gainors - "Tell Him"
A8. The Sierras - "I Should Have Loved You"
A9. Frank Minion - "How Much Land (Does A Man Need)" (with Howard Biggs & His Orchestra)
A10. Dolly Lyon - "Palm Of Your Hand"
A11. Brook Benton - "Kiddio"
A12. Tony Allen & The Champs - "Nite Owl"
A13. Cindy Devereau - "Sing On Baby"
A14. The Radiants - "Heartbreak Society" (feat Gene McAlister)
A15. Anna King - "The Big Change"
A16. Ray Rush - "So What"
A17. Johnny Wells - "Lonely Moon"
A18. Timi Yuro - "What's A Matter Baby"
A19. Simone Dina - "Now I Lay Me Down To Weep"
A20. Lew Conetta - "You Got Me Crazy"
Opis produktu

Called 'Popcorn' after the James Brown song of the same name, this Belgian club scene was similar to Britain's Northern Soul phenomenon with DJ's seeking out rarer and rarer tunes to keep their dancers entertained. Although everything from ska to out-and-out pop got played as 'Popcorn', this compilation concentrates on the more R&B infuenced songs of the period, making it perfect for late night dance foor moves or for soulful listening at home ...

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