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Naked Lunch OST
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Naked Lunch
A2. Hauser & O'Brien/Bugpowder
A3. Mugwumps
A4. Centipede
A5. The Black Meat
A6. Simpatico/Misterioso
A7. Fadela's Coven
B1. Interzone Suite
B2. William Tell (Complete)
B3. Mujahaddin
B4. Intersong
B5. Dr Benway
C1. Clark Nova Dies
C2. Ballad/Joan
C3. Cloquet's Parrots/Midnight Sunrise
C4. Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted
C5. Welcome To Annexia
C6. Writeman
D1. Hauser & O'Brien (Complete)
D2. Dual Typewriters
D3. Simpatico" (reprise) (1:48)
D4. Martinelli
D5. Intersong (Take 2)
D6. Bugpowder (Take 9)
Opis produktu

In collaboration with Howe Records, we're excited to announce celebrating the 25th anniversary for the score to Naked Lunch. Composed by three-time Oscar-winner Howard Shore collaborating with both jazz legend Ornette Coleman and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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