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Sound Signature pres. These Songs That Should've Been Out On Wax By Now. Part 1
CD / Nowy

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01. Somewhere Inbetween
02. Whachawannado (Instrumental)
03. Arrivals
04. Faucet
05. Pure Plastic
06. Hanna's Waltz
07. Greazy Spoonwalk
08. Bring Me Down
09. Something About Detroit (2nd Mix)
Opis produktu

Due to the backup at the pressing plants we bring them to you in a somewhat inferior format that at least exists in the physical world! People That's On This: Duminie Deporres, John Douglas, Amp Fiddler, Jane Hamilton, Kyle Hall, Hanna aka Warren Harris, Alton Miller, Theo Parrish, Maurissa Rose, and Alena Waters.

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