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Permanent Vacation 4
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Carrot Green - Vodou
A2. Hugh Mane - Interstellar
A3. Suzanne Kraft - Tiles
B1. Alex Burkat - Brooklyn Bridge
B2. Prins Emanuel - Ivys Boogie
B3. Hi & Sebarhagen - Spreepark
C1. Young Marco - Dreamless
C2. Fantastic Man - Seaside Special
C3. Man Power - Pelame
D1. Cleveland - Rio
D2. Map.Ache - Let Me Sleep
D3. Benetikt Frey - Lucid Dream
Opis produktu
The longest on going compilation series of the label (the first volume also marked the very first release of pv) is dedicated to the more beachy side of the dancefloor. But no need to stress the B word, the C word or even the big D. Blissed out vintage modernism from around the universe. 12 exclusive tracks by old heroes and new stars for eternity. Presented in a lusty deluxe cover edition.
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