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How It Should Sound Vol. 1+2
kaseta / Nowy

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A1. Start Here
A2. Another Introduction
A3. Tea Thyme
A4. Clap & Form Your Soul
A5. Figment
A6. Home Seek Home
A7. Straight From The Harp
A8. Rock Climbing (Byte 1)
A9. Its Called The Chill Out
A10. Gone With The Sunset
A11. Bills Be Gone (Pawt 2)
A12. Boomerang Luck
A13. Judgement Day
A14. Dream Catcher
B1. How It Should Sound
B2. You Know Who!
B3. Movin On
B4. Not So Young Anymore (Byte 2)
B5. Fabrega's Discotecas
B6. Gestation
B7. Don't Fail Me Now
B8. Man With Bindle (Pawt 1)
B9. Hogs On The Hill (Pretty Sneaky)
B10. Spinna vs Joc - At Your Request
B11. It Wasn't On Earth
Opis produktu

Updated 2016 packaging features a clear tape with red leader tape, along with a minimal, semi-transparent cover print.

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