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Operation: Doomsday (Fondle 'Em Cover Edition)
2LP / Nowy

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A1. The Time We Faced Doom (skit)
A2. Doomsday
A3. Rhymes Like Dimes (feat Cucumber Slice)
A4. The Finest (feat Tommy Gunn)
A5. Back In The Days (skit)
B1. Go With The Flow
B2. Tock, Tick (feat Mf.Grimm)
B3. Red & Gold (feat King Ghidra)
B4. The Hands Of Doom (skit)
B5. Who You Think I Am? (feat X-Ray, Rodan, Megalon, KD, King Ghidra & Kong)
C1. Doom, Are You Awake? (skit)
C2. Hey!
C3. Operation: Greenbacks (feat Megalon)
C4. The Mic
C5. The Mystery Of Doom (skit)
D1. Dead Bent
D2. Gas Drawls
D3. ? (feat Kurious)
D4. Hero Vs Villain (epilogue feat E Mason)
Opis produktu

Back again on vinyl where it belongs, MF DOOM's 1999 classic Operation: Doomsday is now presented on a premium grade 2LP, with audio re-mastered from the original Fondle'Em Records release, and a poster of the album cover art!

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