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Tall Black Guy - Let
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Tall Black Guy

Let's Take A Trip

LP / Nowy


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01. A Train Is Coming
02. One Device One Method One Thing
03. Rocking From Beginning To End feat Kenny Keys
04. This One Is For The Ladies & Gents feat Miles Bonny
05. The Kids Are Listening Interlude
06. Don't Box Me In feat 80s Babies
07. Beware Of The Groove feat Mario Sweet
08. Come With Me & Fly feat Yusef Rumperfield
09. Is There More To Life? feat Diggs Duke
10. I Will Never Know feat Moonchild
11. Mario Smith Speaks On feat Daniel Crawford
12. Things Deeper Than My Skin feat Ozay Moore
13. Peace & Love feat Masego & Rommel Donald
Opis produktu
For this album Wallace had a simple inspiration: 'This album is all about taking a journey. As simple as that. Be it physical, emotional or spiritual. It's asking and answering personal questions from myself within some of the tracks and also touching on social issues i.e. racism, inequality and privilege...that have been at the forefront of my mind over last three years.' Sonically there is also a shift: 'Jazz has definitely been more of an influence in this project, as I have been really inspired by so many up and coming musicians who I've been blessed to connect with'. Some of these musicians, including Kenny Keys, Miles Bonny, Diggs Duke and Dee Jackson feature on the project as well as regular collaborators Ozay Moore and Mario Sweet and fellow Playlist alumni Daniel Crawford and Masego. But this is one man's vision, and for Tall Black Guy this trip is just the beginning...;.
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