Psychemagik - Ritual Chants [3CD]
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Ritual Chants

3CD / Nowy

CD1.1. Man Parrish - "Water Sports"
CD1.2. The Rias Orchestra - "Amram"
CD1.3. John J Francis - "God's Garden"
CD1.4. Chac Mool - "Ofrenda"
CD1.5. Kraan - "Silky Way"
CD1.6. GRC Five - "Saga Of A Secluded Swamp Monster"
CD1.7. Free Fantasy - "Caroline"
CD1.8. Jeanette - "L'Amour Joue Au Violon"
CD1.9. Wavemaker - "Tunnel Of Love"
CD1.10. Bobby Lyle - "Making Love"
CD1.11. Babla & Kanchan - "Aay Mere Dil"
CD1.12. FG's Romance - "What Is Love Today?"
CD1.13. Etienne Vermoessen & Guido Delo - "Easy Morning"
CD1.14. Musyl & Joseppa - "Follow Me"
CD1.15. Karat - "Auf Den Meeren"
CD2.1. El Sueno De Hyparco - "Rhodas"
CD2.2. Tony Wilson - "Hangin' Out In Space"
CD2.3. Zru Vogue - "Do The Zru"
CD2.4. Golden Hands - "Take Me Back"
CD2.5. Minako Yoshida - "Black Moon"
CD2.6. Adrian Gurvitz - "New World"
CD2.7. Hitomi Tohyama - "Wanna Kiss"
CD2.8. Chagrin D'Amour - "Ciao Katmandou"
CD2.9. Amini - "Habibi"
CD2.10. Electric Machine - "Fancy Good"
CD2.11. Jean Guy Ruff - "Cover Girl"
CD2.12. JM Black - "Lipstick (Shout!)"
CD2.13. Danny Boy - "Discomix"
CD3.1. La P'tite Fred - "Stormy Love Affair"
CD3.2. Ennio Morricone - "Dance On"
CD3.3. The Right Combination - "I'm Still In Love With You"
CD3.4. Sharpio - "Dance Drome (We Can Make Your Body Move)" (instrumental)
CD3.5. Mansour Sallama - "Love & Happiness"
CD3.6. Grant Santino - "Try Love"
CD3.7. Dionne - "Come Get My Lovin'"
CD3.8. Will To Power - "Say It's Gonna Rain" (Acid Rain dub)
CD3.9. Raoul Denis Jr - "Ti Gason (Fe Respew')"
CD3.10. Dan Lacksman - "Love You Every Day"
CD3.11. Pop Corn Makers - "Nothing"
CD3.12. Family Four - "En Hast Utan Namn"
Opis produktu

They've taken us on some of the most transcendental mix-trips of recent years - from sunrise to sunset via cosmic forest and magic circles by way of their endless global dancefloor - assault no young act is digging as deep as Psychemagik. Or as a spiritually. Yet another case in point: Rituals. By far the duo's most extensive, majestically curated and organized trip to date. 40 tracks exploring the last 60 years of studio creations and vibe explorations, from the progressive synth odyssey of Vermoessen & Delo to the steel drum electro boogie of Gurvitz by way of the dense rainbow textures of Amini and cosmic synth struts of Le P'tite Fred, you get the feeling that Rituals is the mix experience Psychemagik have been working towards their whole career. Happy travels...

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