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94 East feat. Prince (3LP Box Set)
3LP / Nowy

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A1. Just Another Sucker
A2. If You Feel Like Dancin'
A3. Lovin' Cup
B1. Games
B2. Dance To The Music Of The World
B3. One Man Jam
C1. If You See Me
C2. Games" (instrumental version) (3:42)
C3. I'll Always Love You
D1. Better Than You Think
D2. If We Don't
D3. You Can Be My Teacher
D4. Love, Love, Love
E1. If You See Me" (instrumental version) (5:42)
E2. Games" (alternate instrumental version) (5:00)
E3. Better Than You Think" (instrumental version) (4:32)
F1. Dance To The Music Of The World" (rehearsal session version) (6:10)
Opis produktu

The Minneapolis band was founded in 1975 by Pepe Wille, and included amongst its' members a precocious teenager called Prince Rogers Nelson. They made over an album's worth of recordings in 1977, which remained something of a secret until Willie released them in the mid '80s to capitalize on Prince's solo success. Here, these pioneering recordings are once again made public in tribute to the sadly departed Purple One.

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