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pres. The Men In The Glass Booth
3CD / Nowy

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CD1_01. Leon Collins - "I Just Wanna Say I Love You" (John Luongo remix)
CD1_02. Marboo - "What About Love" (Tony Gioe remix)
CD1_03. Double Exposure - "Ten Per Cent" (Walter Gibbons Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
CD1_04. Juggy Murray Jones - "Inside America" (Rick Gianatos Sunshine Disco Queen Acetate edit)
CD1_05. Hot Ice - "Dancing Free" (John Luongo remix)
CD1_06. The Sunshine Band - "Black Water Gold" (Sunshine Sound edit)
CD1_07. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Magic Bird Of Fire" (François Kevorkian Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
CD1_08. The Salsoul Orchestra - "It's Good For The Soul" (Jay Negron Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
CD1_09. Double Exposure - "My Love Is Free" (Walter Gibbons Disco Madness remix)
CD1_10. Fay Hauser - "Reaching Out For Happiness" (Jonathan Fearing remix)
CD1_11. Ripple - "The Beat Goes On & On" (Jim Burgess remix)
CD2_01. Love Symphony Orchestra - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (Tom Savarese remix)
CD2_02. Tony Valor Sound Orchestra - "Love Has Come My Way" (Jim Burgess remix)
CD2_03. Ruby Andrews - "I Wanna Be Near You" (John Morales Sunshine Sound Acetate edit)
CD2_04. TC James & The Fist O Funk Orchestra - "I've Been Looking For Somebody" (Walter Gibbons remix)
CD2_05. Lake Shore Drive - "The Disco Scene" (Rick Gianatos remix)
CD2_06. TC James & The Fist O Funk Orchestra - "Bumpsie's Whipping Cream" (Tom Savarese remix)
CD2_07. Skip Mahoney - "Janice (Don't Be So Blind To Love" (Bobby DJ Guttadaro remix)
CD2_08. The Salsoul Orchestra - "My Number's Up" (Tee Scott remix)
CD2_09. The Skyliners - "The Love Bug (Done Bit Me Again)" (David Todd remix)
CD2_10. Aura - "L.A. Sunshine" (Robert Ouimet remix)
CD3_01. Sparkle Tuhran & Friends - "HandsomeMan" (Bobby DJ Guttadaro remix)
CD3_02. First Choice - "Love Thang" (Tee Scott remix)
CD3_03. Kay Gee's - "Burn Me Up" (Jellybean Benitez edit)
CD3_04. Brooklyn Express - "Love Is The Message" (Tee Scott remix)
CD3_05. Chain Reaction - "Changes" (Jellybean Benitez remix)
CD3_06. John Gibbs & The Jam Band - "J'Ouvert" (Frank Sestito remix)
CD3_07. Bunny Sigler - "By The Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You)" (Bobby DJ Guttadaro remix)
CD3_08. The Salsoul Orchestra - "It's Good For The Soul" (Walter Gibbons Disco Madness version)
CD3_09. Gladys Knight & The Pips - "It's A Better Than Good Time" (Walter Gibbons remix)
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