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kaseta / Nowy

Remedy / REMEDY001CS

Hip Hop / R'n'B

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A1. The Roots Is Comin'
A2. Pass The Popcorn
A3. The Anti-Circle
A4. Writers Block
A5. Good Music (Prelude)
A6. Good Music
A7. Grits
A8. Leonard I-V
A9. I'm Out Deah
B1. Essawhamah? (Live At The SOULSHACK)
B2. There's A Riot Going On
B3. Popcorn Revisted
B4. Peace
B5. Common Dust
B6. The Session (Longest Posse Cut In History)
B7. Syreeta's Having My Baby
B8. Carryin' On
Opis produktu
Debut album from Philly hip hop crew, originally released independently by the band in 1993. Originally sold on the band's European tour but it earned them so much buzz that they eventually signed to DGC.
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