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Finna Be Past Tense
LP / Nowy

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A1. Land Before Time
A2. Fuck Dinosaurs
A3. They feat Swift
A4. Yesterdays News
A5. Mood Of The Grind
A6. A Break Fro The Drama Of Life Drunk At The Wet T Shirt Contest
B1. Dont Say 2 Or 1 feat Black Moses
B2. Spinning Axis feat Tron7seize
B3. Depressed But Hopeful
B4. Meditative Thought
B5. Regret Is Useless
B6. Time After Technology feat Joyce Wrice
Opis produktu

“Finna Be Past Tense” is his first album with Stones Throw, following a long line of independently released cassettes. “Finna Be Past Tense” was produced entirely by Vex Ruffin, who met the MC after one of his public stunts. The album – also featuring Joyce Wrice, Black Moses, Tron7Seize, DJ Lala, DJ Luman – is based around a loose concept of Koreatown Oddity reckoning with life, death, and the passage of time.

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