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Yaraandoo/ Hara
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Baiame
A2. Moulding Of Red Earth
A3. Nameless Children
A4. Drought - Killing
A5. New Life - Refusal
A6. Shadow Of Yaraan
B1. Yowi - The Spirit Of Death
B2. Flight Of Yaraan
B3. Endless Search
B4. Entrance To Warrambool (parts I & II)
B5. Tears Of Blood - Endless Weeping
C1. Sunday May 23
C2. It Might Have Been - It Will Be!
D1. Sumari
D2. Breathing Space
D3. Reflection
D4. Michael's Song
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Australian guitarist/visionary Rob Thomsett’s collected works – two LPs – are combined into one package as the fourth release in the Now Again Reserve series.

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