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Ultimate Block Party Breaks Vol.3
LP / Nowy

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A1. Byrds In Flight (Breakdown)
A2. The Good Life (Breakdown)
A3. Go For Self (Breakdown 1)
A4. Go For Self (Breakdown 2)
A5. Sky High (Breakdown)
B1. Give It To Me (Breakdown)
B2. Got To Let Yourself Go (Breakdown)
B3. Old Timers (Just Drums)
B4. Old Timers (Breakdown)
B5. Heart Attack (Breakdown)
Opis produktu

“Ultimate Block Party Breaks Volume 3” continues the tradition that began in the Bronx in the 1970’s; where “Break DJs” would take that one part of the record that dancers would go absolutely crazy for. That part where all the music breaks down to nothing but the essence: Drums and percussion. These are all truly timeless beats that sound as fresh today as they did when the founding fathers like Kool Herc, Bam, Flash and Hollywood were catching them for the first time in community centers throughout the city. We’ve edited and extended these breaks for maximum effect on the dance floor - so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

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