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Slum Village - Fantastic Collection [4CD]
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Slum Village

Fantastic Collection

4CD / Nowy


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A1. Fantastic 1"
A2. This Beat (Keep It On)"
A3. I Don't Know"
A4. How We Bull$#!+"
A5. Fat Cat Song"
A6. The Look Of Love"
A7. Estimate"
A8. Hoc N Pucky"
A9. Beej N Dem"
A10. Pregnant"
A11. Forth & Back (Rock Music)"
A12. Fantastic 2"
A13. Fantastic 3"
A14. This Beat (Keep It On)" (remix)
A15. 5 Ela Remix"
A16. Give This Nigga"
A17. Players"
A18. Look Of Love" (remix)
A19. Pregnant"
A20. Things U Do" (remix)
A21. Fat Cat Song" (remix)
A22. Fantastic 4"
B1. Intro"
B2. Conant Gardens"
B3. I Don't Know"
B4. Jealousy"
B5. Climax (Girl Sh**)"
B6. Tell Me"
B7. What It's All About"
B8. Forth & Back" (remix)
B9. Untitled"
B10. Fall In Love"
B11. Get Dis Money"
B12. CB4"
B13. Players"
B14. Once Upon A Time"
B15. Eyes Up"
B16. 2U4U"
B17. Go Ladies"
B18. We Be Dem #1"
B19. We Be Dem #2"
B20. Get It Together"
B21. Hold Tight"
B22. Once Upon A Time"
C1. Conant Gardens" (instrumental)
C2. Climax (Girl Sh**)" (instrumental)
C3. Jealousy" (instrumental)
C4. Hold Tight" (instrumental)
C5. Tell Me" (instrumental)
C6. I Don't Know" (instrumental)
C7. Forth & Back" (instrumental)
C8. Untitled" (instrumental)
C9. Fall In Love" (instrumental)
C10. Get Dis Money" (instrumental)
C11. Raise It Up" (instrumental)
C12. Players" (instrumental)
C13. Eyes Up" (instrumental)
C14. 2U4U" (instrumental)
C15. CB4" (instrumental)
C16. Go Ladies" (instrumental)
C17. Hustle" (instrumental)
C18. Fall In Love" (remix - instrumental)
D1. Things You Do" (MadLib - bonus track)
D2. Get It Together" (MadLib - bonus track)
D3. Look Of Love" (Alt remix - bonus track)
D4. Stupid Ass Lies" (bonus track)
D5. The World's Full Of Sadness" (bonus track)
D6. Hold Tight" (remix - bonus track)
D7. What's Love Got To Do With It" (bonus track)
D8. Players" (Dr Love - bonus track)
D9. Once Upon A Time" (Pete Rock remix - bonus track)
D10. 2U4U" (instrumental - bonus track)
D11. Hustle" (instrumental - bonus track)
Opis produktu

The contributions of the late Detroit producer James DeWitt Yancey -better known to the world as J Dilla- to the world of hip-hop can't be overstated, and nowhere is his legacy more apparent than his work as a member of Slum Village. A founding member of the trio, (Alongside rappers T3 and Baatin) Dilla provided the group's distinctly esoteric, free-wheeling sound,
built around winding basslines, quirky drumbeats, subtle low-end frequencies, and classic jazz & soul samples. Against the backdrop of Dilla's rich production, T3 and Baatin's free-flowing style of rhyming would also earn wide critical praise, leading to comparisons as the successors to A Tribe Called Quest. (A label they themselves have rejected.) Dilla himself went on to earn his own legend of brilliance, inspiring a slew of classic artists like Nas and The Pharcyde, to newcomers like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.

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