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Disco Afro Reedit Series Vol. 2
12" / Nowy

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A1. Afro Disco Beat (Original Version)
B1. Afro Disco Beat (Africaine 808 Rework)
B2. African Message (Mexican Institute of Sound Rework)
Opis produktu

In 1976, Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika 70 released a total of 8 albums including the hit Zombie. At the time of their height, Tony Allen, Fela's drummer, decided to release a follow-up album to Jealousy. Progress was the result of a series of studio sessions, featuring Fela himself with a tenor solo on the title-track. The b-side contains the dancefloor filler “Afro Disco Beat”.
Today, Comet proudly presents the 2nd release of the Tony Allen & Africa 70 (Disco Afro Series): featuring remastered original versions of “Afro Disco Beat” and remixes by Africaine 808 & Mexican Institute of Sound.

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