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New Orleans Funk Vol.2
CD / Nowy

01. Cyril Neville - "Gossip"
02. Eddie Bo - "If It's Good To You"
03. Ray J - "Right Place, Wrong Time"
04. The Meters - "Chicken Strut"
05. Allen Toussaint - "Tequila"
06. The Prime Mates - "Hot Tamales"
07. Betty Harris - "Show It"
08. Lee Dorsey - "Four Corners"
09. Bonnie & Sheila - "You Keep Me Hanging On"
10. The Gaturs - "Yeah You're Right, You Know You're Right"
11. Danny White - "The Twitch"
12. Inell Young - "What Do You See In Her"
13. Earl King - "Street Parade"
14. Eddie Bo - "The Rubber Band"
15. Benny Spellman - "Fortune Teller"
16. Warren Lee - "Mama Said We Cant Get Married"
17. Betty Harris - "12 Red Roses"
18. Joe Chopper - "oul Pusher"
19. Eddie Bo - "Hey Bo"
20. Johnny Moore - "Haven't I Been Good To You"
21. Jimmy Hicks - "I'm Mr Big Stuff"
22. Warren Lee - "Funky Belly"
23. G Davis & R Tyler - "Hold On, Help Is On The Way"
24. Art Neville - "Bo Diddley"
25. Porgy Jones - "Dap"
Opis produktu

The city of New Orleans has deep musical roots that stretch back to Africa. New Orleans first gave birth to Jazz music, a Black musical form centred on rhythm, improvisation, freedom and collectivity at the turn of the century. Similarly in the late 1960s New Orleans Funk came to define a unique sound, mixing Caribbean rhythms, New Orleans second-line syncopation and rhythm and blues, all played by the Big Easy’s finest musicians. 

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