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Environmental Holes & Drastic Tracks: 1981-1986
5CD / Nowy

CD1_01. Elastic Dance (My Life In A Hole In The Ground)
CD1_02. Family Doctoring
CD1_03. Stebeni's Theme
CD1_04. The Race (part 1)
CD1_05. Crocodile Shoes
CD1_06. Stone Charge
CD1_07. Far Away Chant
CD1_08. Primal One Drop
CD1_09. Hole In The Roof
CD2_01. Crocodile Hand Luggage (Environmental Studies)
CD2_02. Dinosaur's Lament
CD2_03. Beri Beri
CD2_04. Snakeskin Tracksuit
CD2_05. High Protein Snack
CD2_06. In A Trap
CD2_07. Breeding Space
CD2_08. Primitive
CD2_09. Latin Temperament
CD3_01. Timbuktu Express (Drastic Season)
CD3_02. I Want Water
CD3_03. Bazaar
CD3_04. African Hedge Hog
CD3_05. Depth Charge
CD3_06. Fruit Market
CD3_07. Snake In The Hole
CD3_08. Many Generations
CD4_01. Off The Beaten Track (Off The Beaten Track)
CD4_02. Some Bizarre
CD4_03. Belinda
CD4_04. Language & Mentality
CD4_05. Throw It Away
CD4_06. Conspiring
CD4_07. Release The Doctor
CD4_08. Down Under Again
CD4_09. Over The Sky
CD4_10. Good Thing (bonus track)
CD5_01. Makola Market (Unreleased Tracks & Version Excursions - Return Of The Crocodile)
CD5_02. Snake In The Goal
CD5_03. Conspired
CD5_04. Slippery Heel
CD5_05. Further Off The Track
CD5_06. More Bizarre
CD5_07. Doctor Find
CD5_08. Low Protein Snack
CD5_09. Beri (Super Mystic Brakes - version)
CD5_10. Realigned (dub)
CD5_11. The Race (part 2)
Opis produktu

This anthology documents the white hot heat of their first 5 years over 5 discs.

Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka w celu zapewnienia najwyższej jakości usług.