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A1. Ich Bin Nicht Mehr Allein
A2. Du Bist Die Antwort
A3. Du Bist Die Stimme
A4. Wir Feiern Grosse Festlichkeiten
B1. Denkt Daran
B2. Vater Unser
B3. Uberall In Dieser Welt
B4. It's Love (Es Ist Die Liebe)
B5. Seid Ihm Dankbar
Opis produktu

The 1972 self-titled debut album by German group, Oratorium, is one of those rare albums that is shrouded in a certain mystique. Led by composer Bernhard Hornig, the band was formed in 1967 under the name of Christian Unity with the focus solely on religious music. The early formation of the band consisted of three brothers and two class mates, all teenagers at the time. The Hornig brothers were the creative minds in the band. Bernhard acted as the composer, Georg took care of writing the lyrics and their youngest brother Rainer, who had had vocal training as a member of a famous German youth choir, took over the lead vocals.

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