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Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht
2LP / Nowy

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A1. Jim Spencer - "Wrap Myself Up In Your Love"
A2. Michael Miglio - "Never Gonna Let You Go"
A3. Ned Doheny - "Before I Thrill Again"
A4. Johnny Gamboa - "That Good Old Feeling Back Again"
A5. Solenoid - "Acquaintances"
B1. Steps - "Your Burning Love"
B2. Jeff Harrington - "Kristi"
B3. Paul Skyland - "Give Me Your Love"
B4. Rob Galbraith - "Tell Me With Your Eyes (Just Be You)"
B5. Calvin Johnson - "Dance Of Love"
C1. Salty Miller - "One More Time"
C2. Canyon - "Country Lovin'"
C3. AJ Loria - "Please Analyze"
C4. Gary Marks - "Sailing"
C5. Country Comfort - "To Be Lonely"
D1. Madness - "Madam Operator"
D2. Chuck Senrick - "Don't Be So Nice"
D3. Breathers - "Don't It Make You Feel"
D4. Damon Danielson - "How Long Has It Been"
D5. Rudy Norman - "Back To The Streets"
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