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Dread In A Babylon (Record Store Day 2017)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Runaway Girl
A2. Chalice In The Palace
A3. I Can't Love Another
A4. Dreadlocks Dread
A5. The Great Psalms
B1. Natty Don't Fear
B2. African Message
B3. Siver Bird
B4. Listen To The Teacher
B5. Trench Town Rock
Opis produktu

On “Dread In A Babylon”, U-Roy's third full-length album, he stretches out over traditional roots grooves provided by the Soul Syndicate and Skin, Flesh & Bones bands, riffing on topics including love (“Runaway Girl,” a 1975 single released in the UK on Virgin Records); the Bible (“The Great Psalms”); walking the straight and narrow (“Listen To The Teacher”); and even his take on governmental policy goals (“Chalice In The Palace”).

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