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The Upper Hand Instrumental Version
LP / Nowy

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01. Alltta Instrumental
02. Drugs Instrumental
03. Bucket Instrumental
04. Match Instrumental
05. That Good Ship Instrumental
06. Calling Crows Instrumental
07. Touch Down, Pt. I Instrumental
08. Connery Instrumental
09. Kinsmen Instrumental
10. The Woods Instrumental
11. Baby Instrumental
12. Million Dreams Instrumental
13. Turn Around Instrumental
14. Touch Down, Pt. II Instrumental
15. Holy Toast Instrumental
16. Paradise Lost Instrumental
Opis produktu

When a double platinum French producer meets a Los Angeles rapper, you get Alltta, an innovative mix of organic and electronic music laced with intricate and poetic rhyme stylings. 20syl was first known with his French hip hop group, Hocus Pocus, both as a rapper and producer.
He is also one of the four DJs in internationally known turntablist group C2C, who have won four DMC world championships, four French Grammy's and achieved double platinum sales with their album Tetr4. He also has been developing his solo career as a producer and his remixes of Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, and Schoolboy Q among others have garnered tens of millions of streams.

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