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1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1 (Colored Vinyl Edition)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Bleepers
A2. Gruzzy
A3. Lace
A4. Azzy
A5. Zylowah
A6. Red
A7. J.L.
A8. Dasfunkay
A9. B.T.
B1. Murky
B2. Uuuugghh
B3. Notty
B4. Fazer
B5. Buildingbloxx
B6. Webby
B7. Hopscotch
B8. Thatone2
B9. Blue
Opis produktu

Aptly titled, “1996 Beat Tape Vol. 1”, DJ Spinna’s latest instrumental album features 18 original beats all produced on the EMU-SP1200 & Akai S950 circa 1996. With over 25 years in business, the Brooklyn native is tied to nothing short of greatness and a legacy of diverse extensions since his beginnings as a house DJ in the late 80s. Many know Spinna for being in the elite group of seasoned party rockers where his resume includes collaborations with Stevie Wonder, Spike Lee, Michael Jackson & Prince (Soul Slam) tribute parties and several US/international bookings a month. Others regard him as one of house music’s best for his well-orchestrated dance tracks that blend jazz, soul & funk, Caribbean and Latin themes into his trademark, “Intergalactic Soul”. 

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