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The Whatnauts - Best Of The Whatnauts [2CD]

The Whatnauts

Best Of The Whatnauts

2CD / Nowy


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The sweet and soulful harmonies of the Whatnauts spanned a 15-year career in which they recorded three albums and numerous singles, ranging from timeless ballads to Temptations-esque politically-charged funk to danceoor boogie. The music of the Baltimorebased group, which featured the
angelic falsetto lead of Billy Herndon, gained relevance for a younger generation via samples taken by the likes of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West.
This 2CD set is a career compendium of their best slow jams, funk grooves and 12-inch club tracks, including multiple unreleased and rare sides.

CD #1 -- Stang 1970-1974

1-01 I Just Can't Lose Your Love
1-02 Tweedly Dum-Dum
1-03 She's Gone To Another
1-04 What's Left To Give (After Giving It All)
1-05 Message From A Black Man
1-06 Just Can't Leave My Baby
1-07 l'll Erase Away Your Pain
1-08 Please Make The Love Go Away
1-09 Try Me (And I'll Show You)
1-10 Friends By Day (Lovers By Night)
1-11 Alibis And Lies
1-12 I Dig Your Act
1-13 You Gave Me True Loving
1-14 We Will Always Be Together
1-15 My Thing
1-16 You Forget Too Easy
1-17 Hurry Up And Wait
1-18 I'm So Glad I Found You with Linda Jones
1-19 Blues Fly Away
1-20 Why Cant People Be Colors Too?
1-21 Let Me That Special One
1-22 Girls
1-23 Soulwalking

CD #2

2-01 Genuine - unreleased Stang
2-02 Give Him Up - GSF 1973
2-03 I Wasn't There - GSF 1973
2-04 Instigating (Trouble Making Fool) - GSF 1973
2-05 I Can't Stand To See You Cry - GSF 1973
2-06 Help Is on The Way (Vocal) - Harlem International 1981
2-07 Help Is On The Way (Instrumental) ) - Harlem International 1981
2-08 Still I'll Rise (Vocal) - Pic Hit 1983
2-09 Still I'll Rise (Part Two) - Pic Hit 1983
2-10 All I Need - Pic Hit 1984
2-11 Party On - Pic Hit 1984
2-12 This Is It - Pic Hit 1984
2-13 Girls – alternate mix - Stang 1975
2-14 Strolling - unreleased – Stang

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