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Body Wash
kaseta / Nowy

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A1. Overture
A2. Cosmic Perspective
A3. Tha Origin (Interlude)
A4. Alluptoyou
A5. Ya Own Way
A6. Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)
A7. Enter Her Abode (Interlude)
A8. Vague/recalibrate
B1. Transmissionnn
B2. Prelude 2 Purification
B3. Lather
B4. Where Ever U R
B5. Searchin I (4 That Familiar Feelin)
B6. Searchin Ii (4 Sumthn New)
B7. Searchin Iii (4 Nothin Else)
B8. Guess It's All Over
Opis produktu

Body Wash is second Mndsgn's album for Stones Throw, a full set of realised songs that were only hinted at on Yawn Zen. Influences here include the likes of early SOLAR records material, Leon Sylvers III, Kashif, and Dave Grusin. These artists, Mndsgn says, "embodied that potent feeling in the early 80s boogie/funk/soul/jazz/fusion wave." He adds, "I was also digging back into some early 90s R&B sounds and started really imagining what it would be like if I had mashed the two eras together." He explains Body Wash as "a soul record that plays with nostalgic elements in a very dynamic & positive way. Think about it as a box of crayons for you to draw emotions with."

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