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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Stranger Things OST - Season 1 Box Set [4LP]
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Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Stranger Things OST - Season 1 Box Set

4LP / Nowy


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A1. Stranger Things
A2. Kids
A3. Nancy & Barb
A4. This Isn't You
A5. Lay-Z-Boy
A6. Friendship
A7. Eleven
A8. A Kiss
A9. Castle Byers
B1. Hawkins
B2. The Upside Down
B3. After Sarah
B4. One Blink For Yes
B5. Photos In The Woods
C1. Fresh Blood
C2. Lamps
C3. Hallucinations
C4. Hanging Lights
C5. Biking To School
C6. Are You Sure?
C7. Agents
C8. Papa
C9. Cops Are Good At Finding
C10. No Weapons
D1. Walking Through The Upside Down
D2. She'll Kill You
D3. Run Away
D4. No Autopsy
D5. Dispatch
D6. Joyce & Lonnie Fighting
D7. Lights Out
D8. Hazmat Suits
D9. Theoretically
D10. You Can Talk To Me
D11. What Else Is There To Do?
D12. Hawkins Lab
E1. Hopper Sneaks In
E2. I Know What I Saw
E3. Rolling Out The Pool
E4. Over
E5. Gearing Up
E6. Flickering
E7. First Kiss
E8. Crying
E9. Walking Down The Tracks
E10. Where's Barb?
E11. Speak Of The Devil
F1. Danger Danger
F2. Tribulations
F3. Flashback
F4. Kids Two
F5. Talking To Australia
F6. Night Of The Seventh
F7. See Any Rain?
F8. Coffee & Contemplation
F9. Inside The Black Room
F10. Starts To Rain
F11. Eleven Is Gone
G1. Time For A 187
G2. Something In The House
G3. Still Pretty
G4. Abilities
G5. Tendril
G6. They Found Us
G7. Bad Men
G8. Spiked Bat
G9. Making Contact
G10. What Do You Know?
G11. It's Not My Boy
H1. Something In The Wall
H2. Let's Go
H3. Leap Of Faith
H4. In Pursuit
H5. Breaking & Entering
H6. Stranger Things" (extended) (5:12)
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The box contents is as follows:

- Volumes 1 and 2 double LPs (the whole score from Stranger Things, featuring 75 pieces of music from the entire series);
- Brand new 'Boys On Bikes' front cover artwork;
- 2 x Printed inserts with liner notes written by the show's creators (The Duffer Brothers) and by soundtrack composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein;
- 2 x 11"×22" fold out large posters (“Retro Montage” Vol. 1 & “Boys On Bikes” Vol. 2);
- 10 4”×6” character cards (5 x Kids Vol. 1 & 5 x Adults Vol. 2);
- Hand pressed 180g ‘Flashlight’ coloured vinyl (4 discs);
- 425g extra-thick heavyweight gatefold sleeves;
- Housed in a deluxe heavyweight box with a foil embossed Stranger Things logo.

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