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Marcos Valle (180g)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Estrelar
A2. Fogo Do Sol
A3. Samba De Verao
A4. Para Os Filhos De Abraao
A5. Naturalmente
B1. Tapa No Real
B2. Tapetes, Guardanapos, Cetins
B3. Dia D
B4. Mais Que Amor
B5. Viola Enluarada
Opis produktu

The follow-up to his funky return to form in 1981 (Vontade De Rever Voce) Marcos's 12th album is the sound of a man with nothing to prove but raw, bare-chested boogie. Smooth, soulful and well-balanced between focus and hazy, he lets us slide and glide from sunset to sunset; the dusky disco of "Tapa No Real", the subversive funk build and slipper-slapping lounge jazz charms of "Samba De Verao", the honeyed harmonies of "Tapetes, Guardanapos, Cetins", the list goes on. An authentic slice of seductive Brazilian cool in 1983.

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