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Thomas Brinkmann - Retrospektiv [5LP]
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Thomas Brinkmann


5LP / Nowy

A1. Crazy
A2. Sur Ace
B1. Souls
B2. 2suns
B3. Olga
C1. What You're Doin
C2. Sweetback
C3. 8BA
D1. That's Wild
D2. Hal 2010
D3. Isch
E1. Mexico
E2. Tina
E3. Ulla
F1. On Edge
F2. Loplop
G1. Dyr Bul Scyl
G2. Drops
G3. Walk With Me
H1. Lovesong
H2. Blackhill
H3. Tilt
I1. Don't Fake The Cake
I2. The More You Ignore Me
I3. Margins
J1. Odecca
J2. Cheap
J3. Zeichenkette
Opis produktu
Thomas Brinkmann is one of the great producers of Techno music and modern dance music. He initially gained notoriety in the experimental electronic music and Techno community for his full-length 'variations' of material by Wolfgang Voigt under his Mike Ink moniker, and Richie Hawtin. The variations were made by playback of the original artist records on a turntable of Brinkmann's design, which has two tone arms with separate outputs for left and right channels. The turntables were then pitched down from 33rpm to 27rpm and the results recorded and mixed. Both Voigt and Hawtin were sufficiently impressed they released the results on their own labels. Since then Thomas Brinkmann has produced some all-time classic dance tracks, many of which are collected here in what is a personal selection by Thomas Brinkmann himself. There are unreleased tracks, different versions, and tracks that have never been released on vinyl. A full colour 20-page book with track notes by Thomas Brinkmann and photos from his personal collection is included. Limited edition box.
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