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Playground (Gatefold 3LP + MP3)
3LP / Nowy

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A1. Soar
A2. Yom Thorke
B1. Russian
B2. Samodiva
C1. Suncatcher
C2. Perth
D1. Teo Techno
D2. Peter Plet Plete
E1. Organ
E2. Taste Of Metal
F1. Five
F2. The Universe In Her Eyes
Opis produktu

Say what you wanna say, but you have to give Strahil Velchev this: the man's a powerhouse. Recording and playing live under the KiNK alias, he went on to become one of finest purveyor's of funk in techno and house. What it is, by definition, ain't exactly clear. And that is the beauty of it. KiNK's music is unifying in the best possible way.

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