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Are You Anywhere (Green Vinyl Edition)
LP / Nowy

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A1. Sleepover
A2. Needs More Z's
A3. Firstbase
A4. Can We Go Back (feat Fitz Ambrose)
A5. Driving With Cosmopolyphonic
A6. Cool Off
B1. Wavedash
B2. Splash
B3. Too Many Sidequests
B4. Good W U (feat Fitz Ambrose)
B5. Zeros
B6. Are You Anywhere
Opis produktu

Limited edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl!

Late night music from the back seat. ‘Are You Anywhere‘, sophomore album from Tokyo based UK native submerse blends early 90’s slow-jams and instrumental hip hop wrapped in smooth DX7 keys hybridized with his own unique sound. ‘Are You Anywhere’ is the second full length release from submerse on Project: Mooncircle with features from fellow Tokyo based beat maker fitz ambro$e.

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