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The Residents - 80 Aching Orphans - 40 Years Of The Residents [4CD]
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The Residents

80 Aching Orphans - 40 Years Of The Residents

4CD / Nowy


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CD1_01. Fire (Santa Dog)
CD1_02. Amber
CD1_03. Semolina
CD1_04. This Is A Man's Man's Man's World
CD1_05. Diskomo (edit)
CD1_06. Monkey & Bunny
CD1_07. Jello Jack The Boneless Boy
CD1_08. You Yesyesyes
CD1_09. Double Shot
CD1_10. Rushing Like A Banshee
CD1_11. On The Way (To Oklahoma)
CD1_12. Blue Rosebuds
CD1_13. From The Plains To Mexico (Italian mix)
CD1_14. I'll Go Crazy
CD1_15. Almost Perfect
CD1_16. Eloise
CD1_17. Moisture
CD1_18. There's Blood On The Bunny (Thoreau mix)
CD1_19. Shortnin' Bread
CD1_20. Burn Baby Burn
CD1_21. The Car Thief
CD1_22. Squeaky Wheels
CD2_01. Kaw-Liga (Prairie mix)
CD2_02. Yummy Yummy Yummy
CD2_03. In San Francisco
CD2_04. Constantinople
CD2_05. Jailhouse Rock
CD2_06. Where Is She?
CD2_07. Easter Woman (live)
CD2_08. Insincere
CD2_09. Hard & Tenderly
CD2_10. Migration
CD2_11. Satisfaction
CD2_12. Kamikaze Lady
CD2_13. Burning Love (live TV version)
CD2_14. The Aging Musician
CD2_15. Six More Miles
CD2_16. The Simple Song
CD2_17. Safety Is A Cootie Wootie
CD2_18. Tourniquet Of Roses
CD2_19. The Angry Angakok
CD3_01. A Maze Of Jigsaws
CD3_02. Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life
CD3_03. The Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen, Germany
CD3_04. Jambalaya
CD3_05. Cry For The Fire
CD3_06. Smelly Tongues (mono)
CD3_07. Santa Dog '78
CD3_08. Floating Down The Nile (part 2)
CD3_09. The Marvels Of Mayhem
CD3_10. Earth Vs The Flying Saucers
CD3_11. Hello Skinny
CD3_12. The Monkey Man
CD3_13. Mahogany Wood
CD3_14. Edweena (Extract)
CD3_15. Melon Collie Lassie
CD3_16. The Sleepwalker
CD3_17. The Knife Fight
CD3_18. Holy Kiss Of Flesh (edit)
CD4_01. Loser Weed
CD4_02. Blue Tongues
CD4_03. Boots
CD4_04. Susie Smiles
CD4_05. Perfect Love
CD4_06. Hit The Road Jack (remix)
CD4_07. Bach Is Dead
CD4_08. 96 Tears
CD4_09. Ship's A'Going Down (Extract)
CD4_10. The Black Behind
CD4_11. I Hate Heaven
CD4_12. Semper Fidelis
CD4_13. Don't Be Cruel
CD4_14. Matchmaker
CD4_15. Would We Be Alive?
CD4_16. Daydream Believer
CD4_17. Shroud Of Flames
CD4_18. Catalonia
CD4_19. Pollex Christi (part 4)
CD4_20. Hunters Concentrate
CD4_21. Mr Wonderful (live in Oslo)
Opis produktu

Extended, 4CD anthology set chronicling the career of the legendary San Francisco experimentalists and curated with the band themselves, from the debut 1972 single to the band’s most recent album, The Ghost Of Hope.  Singles, fan favourites, album highlights, live recordings and material never before available on CD.

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