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Find Yourself/ No Time For Dreaming
7" / Nowy

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A1. Find Yourself
B1. No Time For Dreaming
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Once again, Al & The Kidd records treats us to some previously unreleased funk gold from the mean streets of Washington D.C. Both tracks were recorded by Sir Joe Quarterman (he of "(I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind" fame) and regular backing band Free Soul. On the A-side you'll find a notably fuzzy, previously unheard "alternate take" of 1973 single "Find Yourself". Low-slung, urgent and full of both razor-sharp guitars and punchy horn lines, it's easily worth the asking price on its own. Flip to the B-side for the more considered, Hammond organ-sporting goodness of "No Time For Dreamin", a fine song recorded in 1970, before Quarterman and Free Soul had tasted commercial success.

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