Princess Nokia - 1992 Deluxe [CD]
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Princess Nokia

1992 Deluxe

CD / Nowy

01. Bart Simpson
02. Tomboy
03. Kitana
04. Brujas
05. Mine
06. Excellent
07. Saggy Denim (feat Wiki)
08. Green Line
09. ABCs Of New York
10. Goth Kid
11. Receipts
12. GOAT
13. Brick City
14. Flava
15. Different
16. Chinese Slippers
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Princess Nokia – aka New York rapper Destiny Frasqueri – has been releasing music via Youtube and Soundcloud since she was in High School, and slowly bubbling up on the internet, garnering a rabid fanbase. Last year, with the self-release of her 1992 mixtape, she catapulted herself to the next level, solidifying her position as one to watch. Since its release, she’s toured the world over, selling out various venues across the globe in mere days, and racked up literally millions of views/listens on her tracks. She is not only a brilliant rapper & lyricist but a feminist icon who is unapologetically herself, and aligns equally with the values of punk rock and riot grrl, ‘90s R&B, and the best of forward-thinking hip-hop. This is powerful, passionate, outspoken, vibrant modern music with deep roots in both NYC and rap history.

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